Saturday, October 15, 2016

Character Is Internally Held

True character is deeply held inside one’s person, that is, it is not simply the product of external rewards and consequences. Rather, character transcends various environments. As is often put, character is who you are when no one is looking.

When traveling cross-culturally one finds that people are people, but not all people think alike, that is, not all people value the same things the same way. For example, while westerners often value tasks and achievement to the point that we multitask to the point of exhaustion, many other cultures value relationship more. What is right is not an either/or answer, but a balance of the both/and. It is in the balance that one understands his or her character. In shifting cultural contexts character remains consistent; it is just expressed in different ways. 

Today we were welcomed by the community of CCLS Uganda. Dancing, singing, conversation, and games are just some ways we shared life together today. I really enjoyed the time to learn names and hang out with the students at CCLS Uganda. I’m looking forward to the dedication of the dormitory and celebration tomorrow. 

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