Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Courage: God's Power for You to Overcome Fear

Courage is God's power to overcome our fear. 
To be honest I was a bit uneasy about teaching over 40 Ugandan students and teachers in the dormitory today. Though I've taught David and Goliath before, I'm never sure how the message will communicate cross-culturally. But as I anxiously walked into the dormitory, I remembered that this was the point of the character lesson, that is, God gives us the power to overcome fear. As someone once said, "The Word has to speak to you before you can share it with others." And so Jon and I led the Character Formation Project (CFP) with the boys at CCLS. With the help of Pastor Charles, who translated for us, we told the story of David and Goliath and studied David's identity, purpose, and performance (IPP) and then reflected on our own IPP. We shared the IPP posters Mr. Fiala created for us and discussed the "Goliaths" in our lives and how God enables us to overcome our fear. I was really impressed by the focus and engagement of the students. 

 I enjoyed meeting Charles and Irene, the two students that the Compass Kids in St. Louis sponsor. I shared the drawings that the St. Louis kids prepared for them and shared our love for them. We played with the parachute, Legos, and made paper airplanes for the kids. Meanwhile, Katie and Violet gathered information for children for sponsorship. In the group was a family of four children, the oldest 9 years old. Their father had died and mother abandoned them. They are now being taken care of through CCLS Uganda. God grant them courage!

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